Anatomy of a magazine cover

Doesn’t this just look so serene? The picture of rural bliss? If you answered yes, then my job is done! But let me tell you, behind every dreamy magazine cover is a dizzying frenzy. At least that is the honest truth about my first time styling a magazine cover for Australian Country, and I’m told it’s always the way. Perhaps someone was being kind, but I’m going to go with it!
It starts with a vision, or a late night light bulb moment, or a foggy image presented by your subconscious when you’re half asleep. Then it takes weeks of sourcing props and products to bring it all to life. And in this case, sweet talking a kind gent into dropping an old brass bed into your parent’s paddock.
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A new chapter, a garage and a whole lot of white paint

So the really great thing about having a really great friend is you get to be their cheerleader in life no matter what happens, right?  True friends are happy when the other one has a win.  They are not jealous.   They do not resent it.  They are quite simply very happy for you.  True friends do not come along very often in life and offer the kind of safe harbour and non-judgement that family offers.  Tamara is that friend to me.  And I am so proud of her budding new chapter and her spread in the latest edition of Queensland Homes magazine.QldHomescover

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Photo 6/52.

IMG_9498[6]A gentle moment caught of two best friends putting ballet slippers on.  Little girls sure are blessings.

Sami X
6.52 (2).jpgI love everything about this…blue sky, blue sea, and my little best buddy with the world at her feet.
Tam xo

Mashing: Are You Doing It?


I stumbled across a new ‘buzz’ word on the Web this week that made me stop and think. It is ‘Mashing’. It does not refer to cooking dinner, to any form of astonishingly catchy Wiggles song that involves mashed potato, or mashed banana. It refers to our ability to never stop doing more than one thing at a time. Mums are the masters of mashing. The lady behind the word is Jackie Lewis who has a new book out called the Mothers Mind Cleanse, a guide for the modern mother. The book sounds wonderful in theory and encourages meditation and banishing being so busy. Look, dear reader, I am not going to hoodwink you. I have not read the damn book because I am too busy wrangling my tribe of toddling terrorists and trying to appear coherent at work and attempting to keep our household running. I found moths in the cupboard last week. The food cupboard. Yep, moths people. Continue reading


Why does it already feel like we’re full swing into 2016, when really we’re still perusing the menu and deciding what we want for this year?!  Week 5, and the march past Valentine’s Day and onto Easter is well and truly on.

I love this photo I took this past week of our little Augie who was about to head out to a 4th birthday party in his braces and Cons. I have always thought baby girl clothing is way cuter than baby boy clothing, so it’s hard to find something that is a bit special for the little men in our lives.  This outfit? Loving!

S xo

I’m cheating this week – my week is summed up by a little video, rather than a still. We’re smack-bang in the middle of the My Little Pony phase with our 2 year old. We’ve been to this rodeo before, with our eldest.  Anyone else?  Funny how they are drawn to the same stuff, around the same age. I wonder if baby Luc will be a Brony?!  It’s a thing – google it!  I won’t donate Apple Jack and Pinkie Pie to the op shop just in case.
Anyway, this is the first question I am asked in the morning, and the last at night…it’s hard to say no to that little voice, but sometimes too much My Little Pony hurts my little heady.